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Simplified block diagram The Nukeman is a notebook sized computer with a slot compartment, concepted for nuclear spectroscopy applications. There are two kinds of slots - Nukebus and NuPCI. Both have +3.3, +5, +/-15 and +/- 24 V low noise power lines meant for the demanding analog cirquitry of the modules.
Nukebus is a simple interface (16 bit data width) which allows easy expansion (no FPGA or ASIC necessary) while having enough throughput (16.7 megabytes/S) for most measurement applications.
NuPCI is electrically PCI - but on another, proprietary connector. It allows up to 132 MB/S (32 bits, 33 MHz) at the price of increased complexity; however, it allows bridging to other systems so practically any hardware in the Nukeman can be accessed from outside, including all memory and the Nukebus slots.

Technical Characteristics:

CPUs: 250 MHz MPC8240, 25 MHz MC68340.
RAM: 64M SDRAM, 1M non-volatile SRAM
Display controller: B69030, with 4Mbytes video RAM, video capture input, dual frame
Display: 800x600 TFT, with 65536 colours.
Nukebus slots: 4
NuPCI slots: 4
HDD: 6.4G (contact us for the latest options)
FDD: LS-120 (accepts old 1.44M and new 120M disks)
Keyboard: high-quality (non-rubber membrane) Cherry, 18mm pitch.
Charger Power: 17V +/- 1.5V (comes with an 18V charger)
SCSI connector: P-cabled SCSI-2 (all 16 data lines terminated)
Ethernet: 10 Mb/S, coaxial (uses a LEMO connector).
Battery: 75 Wh NiMH (85 Wh available soon)
Battery life: > 6 hours with display and HDD on; much longer in standby mode.
Physical Dimensions: 270 x 355 x 70 mm W x D x H (10.6 x 14 x 2.76 inches)
Weight: < 4 kG, including battery and two modules

Operating System: DPS - mutli-task multi-window very low latency OS with virtual memory, an inherent object learn/management system, an uncompromised tcp/ip subsystem implemented as a number of DPS objects.

Spectroscopy software: NUVI. DPS based software, working with objects (such as spectrum, peak, list_of_peaks, sample_report, file, text_file, gif_image and others) being connected to various "display" tasks, each having its own window and taking care of display refresh whenever the connected object indicates modification. One can acquire data from all connected modules and do qualitative and quantitative analysis at the same time, remotely access the system over the net and/or use it to access others on the net
. NUVI runs under DPS
Other software: DPS-based development tools for various Motorola processors and TI DSPs, a logic compiler covering the Coolrunner CPLD series, JTAG access tools (working with DPS objects), a variety of utilities.
Some development tools

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