Transgalactic Instruments (TGI) is a small high-tech company with extensive hard- and software development resources, manufacturing computerized instrumentation for the nuclear spectrometry market. Our hardware is designed in-house down to the board level (i.e. we buy our silicon, some peripherals etc.). Our software is written and tested using our own tools under DPS - our OS which runs on our computers, power architecture or, earlier, 68K based. We use our own software tools - under DPS - for circuit and PCB design. Our products range from computer hardware and highly sophisticated software to precision, wide bandwidth analog instruments.

Sometimes we also do contract designs.

On the nuclear market, we manufacture the high-end netMCA spectrometer series which does everything from data acquisition to qualitative and quantitative analysis, usable with practically any kind of detectror - HPGe, NaI etc.
To date we have netmca devices in 6 countries on 3 continents.

TGI remains commited to the nuclear market and will continue to develop both new instrumentation and computer hard- and software.

TGI was founded and is owned by Dimiter Popoff, who is the author of all hardware designs and all of the software. Ventseslav Venev is the author of all our plastic enclosure designs.

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