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About TGI

The netTLD is a complete semiautomatic TLD reader, a spinoff of our netMCA family networked (IOT, as they now have it) spectroscopy products.
Like the rest of our netMCA products it relies on its Ethernet connection to interface to the outside world; it contains everything necessary to do all the measurements and archive the results for years on its internal HDD. It does not need any specific software to be installed on the PC it is accessed from; its "screen" is viewable via RFB using freely available VNC viewers, e.g. realVNC for windows, Android and a variety of others.
The archived results can be accessed via http with a browser and/or ftp-ed from the internal HDD to some ftp server; they can be viewed locally in nuvi display windows as well of course.

The netTLD consists of a sample processing unit attached to a modified netMCA. The detectors - 'tablets' up to 6mm diameter - are inserted manually, and a button is pressed to measure the next detector. After pressing the button the detector lands on the preheating hot plate, next it lands on the measuring hot plate; both temperatures are under user control, either or both can be switched off etc.
Once on the measurement hot plate measurement takes place via two, parallel (running simultaneously) chanels; a digital which employs photon counting and an analog which records the integral of the photocurrent.
Both spectra (light curves) are visible live; the photon counting one is highly sensitive whereas the analog one is for the cases where, at very high doses, the digital channel would saturate (its throughput is > 20M photons/second see the screenshoot below).
In a typical case this would mean the digital channel readout would be usable up to a few tens of mSv, abve that the analog channel would be useful (which in a typical detector scenario would go as high as 1 Sv; for higher doses a grey filter will be needed (the PMT protective glass is easily changeable, 20mm diameter, up to 2.5mm thick).
Eventually the detector drops out in a small drawer.

- Photon counting and integral current acquired in parallel for maximum dynamic range
- Allows extensive user control over practically all parameters of interest
- Very flexible: dwell time can vary from microseconds to hundreds of milliseconds
- Very flexible: spectrum length up to 16k (a typicall use would be at 8k/1ms dwell time)
- Archives both the digital and analog spectra per measured detector plus extracted relevant data as text
- Archive ordered/accessible per year, month, day of month, sample number

- 10/100 Ethernet connection
- Accessible via RFB/VNC over tcp/ip
- Archived data accessible via http (i.e. using a browser)
- DHCP with fallback to a static IP or just static IP
- In-built 2.5" HDD

The entire operation is within our nuvi environnment under DPS. You can consult the netMCA reference manual for more detailed info on how it is operated; for everyday use it is very user friendly and intuitive however.
Nuvi offers also script programming capabilities. The script programming can be used for simple command sequences which are often repeated or for more sophisticated purposes. The user has access to a great variety of parameters of the spectra and of the hardware.

Order a netTLD reader (8990 Euro FOB Sofia)

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