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The MOVIC (Multiple Output Voltage with Independent Control) is a nukebus module for detector bias. It comes as either half-height (19mm) with two outputs or as full height (38.1 basic) with four outputs. Each output is built negative or positive, any combination of outputs is possible. The output span is up to 4.5 kV; current limiting is at 100uA. For NaI detectors which draw their preamp supply current from the HV the type with 1200 V full scale and 1mA current is also available.
Each output has its associated shutdown input. This input is analog, the operate window can be programmed anywhere between 0 and 5V; also, there is a 10K source/sink resistor, which can be programmed to be off, connected to ground or to 5V. This practically covers any type of LN2 monitoring outputs.
The outputs can be individually programmed by the host (the computer controlling the Nukebus). Output voltage rise and fall times can be programmed so the module microcontroller will take care of not exceeding them. The microcontroller can also be programmed to monitor the +/-15 and +/- 24V and shut some (or all) of its outputs down if one of these voltages is lost. The Nukebus Reset line is not connected to the module; instead, it has its own power-up reset circuitry, which allows system reset without repowering the detector again (this feature is valuable mostly when developing new software).

Technical Characteristics: Output voltage: 0 to 4.5 kV (either plus or minus per output, factory preset)
Output current: 100uA standard; other ranges up to 1mA @1.2kV on request
Shutdown input: 0 to 5V analog, 10K bias to 0, 5V or tri-stated

Connectors: HV-out - LEMO, one per output voltage
Shutdown-in - LEMO, one per voltage
Nukebus - Nukebus interface connector, one per device.

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