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Our notebook sized modular Nukeman system with our HI-SPEC DSP based spectroscopy module is the highest performance gamma spectrometer money can buy.

  • Highest resolution & throughput (sample spectra are here)
  • The only truly digital device on the market today:
  • Both fast and slow channels implemented digitally in DSP software,
  • BLR, PUR etc. also all implemented in DSP software;
  • module size 55 x 110 x 19 mm (2.16 x 4.33 x 0.75 inches), 2 W power consumption;
  • Pipelined operation - zero conversion time; events rejected only because of pileup;
  • Extended low range - typically 99.8% of the spectrum are perfectly usable;
  • No offset 0 - energy calibration by 1 point enough with linear (HPGe) detectors;
  • Negligible temperature drift - practically no warmup time;
  • Multiple (up to 4) detectors operated by a single Nukeman;
  • Live oscilloscope display of input and filtered signals -ideal for detector diagnostics;
  • Input count rate indicator;
  • Up to 16K spectrum length; (sotware limited)
  • Dual-core DSP with 14-bit, 9.2 MSPS sampling.
  • Battery life > 8 hours;
  • Ethernet, SCSI, Nukebus, NuPCI and RS-232 interfaces;
  • TFT display, 40G HDD, LS-120 FDD and DVD+/-RW(DL);
  • Internet self sufficient - connects to the net without the need for other PCs;
  • Remote access over the net to most MCA functions with any simple html browser;
  • Powerful DPS script language fully suported by "nuvi" (the MCA) software;
  • Comes with DPS for PPC with virtual memory, multi-tasking, runtime object handling system - an OS from the future;
  • Transparent media/data exchange with office PC systems.

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