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About TGI Our extensive R&D capabilities are available also to external customers who need to have designed some piece of electronics equipment - from simple to most sophisticated.
We design entire new products - starting from scratch and delivering a prototype with documentation and an initial small production run.
This includes hardware design, PCB layout, algorithm and software development, housing design and prototype manufacturing.
We can also do only some of the above services within a project.
From scratch to a product... From scratch to aproduct...

Our experience includes:
- Analog: wide bandwidth and precision measurement & control, data acquisition,
- Digital: computers, embedded computers, MCUs, DSPs, sophisticated controllers,
- Power: low noise switching power supplies,
- Housings: plastic prototypes (we subcontract small initial production runs if needed), and 0.5mm thick brass, copper or stainless steel cases.

- MCU firmware (PPC, 68K/CPU32, 68HCxx, TI MSP430, others),
- DSP software (TI 54xx, others),
- Embedded system firmware/software, possibly with embedded DPS, with its filesystem (DPS native, FAT, ISO9660), tcp/ip protocol stack, DNS (caching), numerous higher level protocols like http, ftp, smtp, ntp etc. - larger (although still fitting a system which could be called "embedded")
software products, running under DPS with some mass storage.

Our DPS OS can run on Power architecture (PPC) based processors and, with somewhat less functionality, on CPU32 (68K) .

All our designs and software over the years have been documented and commented (extensively commented, that is)in English. We can communicate in English and German.

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